Photo Contest Results: December 2017

Davis L of Midland, Texas, submitted this captivating view of the maiden voyage of his Jimmy Skiff. Davis named the boat "Arkad," a nickname for his grandfather, and built the boat on granddad's farm. Sadly, Arkad passed away the day before the boat's launch. "Now the boat serves as a tribute to his life and a reminder of fun times together," Davis wrote. Congratulations, Davis, on your beautiful boat and your photo contest win - we're sending you  a $150 CLC gift certificate!

Jimmy Skiff by Davis L

All of our top three finishers every month are automatically entered in our end-of-the-year annual competition for the big $1,000 CLC gift certificate, so our runners-up also are still in the running.

Second Place: John W of Toronto, Ontario, sent along this pretty view of his Guillemot doing what she's best at: gliding over the surface of the water like a beautiful seabird.

Guillemot by John W

Chester Yawl by Eric D

And in third Place: A beautiful portrait by Eric D of Oriental, NC, of his beautifully finished Chester Yawl against the backdrop of the Navasink River in New Jersey. The boat is painted with Allcraft Snow-White and eight coats of varnish on the interior and top outer plank are responsible for her eye-catching finish. 

Congratulations, all, and thanks to everyone who submitted a photo or two for participating! We've rounded up the top finishers in each month's voting during 2017 (including these three) and it's time to vote for the overall annual winner, who'll earn a $1,000 CLC Gift Card.

Keep the good photos coming, and don't forget to vote for your favorite in the fine grouping for the big overall winner for the year.

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