Photo Contest Results: August 2018

The images competing for your votes during August included a lot of beautiful boats in beautiful settings. There was a lot of activity in the voting department, too, with the clear winner floating to the top: Tom B of Yakima, WA, with this idyllic image of a pair of gorgeous strip-built Auks resting on the shore of Lower Sardine Lake in the Sierras. Congratulations, Tom, on your photo contest win - we're sending you a $150 CLC gift certificate!

Auks by Tom B.

All of our top three finishers every month are automatically entered in our end-of-the-year annual competition for the big $1,000 CLC gift certificate, so our runners-up also are still in the running.

Second Place: Glen A. of Almonte, Ontario, sent in this shot: "This is my first build, a Shearwater Sport built from plans in my basement this winter in Almonte. It's all Okoume with a dark green stained hull." Handsome indeed, and it looks as much at home in the woods as it does on the water.

Shearwater Sport by Glen A.

Northeaster Dory by Scott T.

And in third Place: Scott T. of Green Bay, WI, submitted this pretty view of an evening row with his brand-new Northeaster Dory"Rowing this boat quietly around the lake was such a blast," Scott says. "Quiet that is until someone sitting up in their cottage would yell out to us, 'Beautiful boat!' or, "Hey, did you build that?" Despite all the goof-ups and creative epoxy work, it really did turn out well. A real tribute to the kit quality." We're happy Scott says he considers the boat "a grand success."

Congratulations, all, and thanks to everyone who submitted a photo or two for participating! At the end of this year we'll round up the top finishers in each month's voting during 2018 (including these three) and put them up for voting for the overall annual winner, who'll earn a $1,000 CLC Gift Card.

Keep the good photos of your fine CLC craft coming, and don't forget to check in every month and vote for your favorite.

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