Coming Soon!

Sharp-eyed ShopCam watchers have noted the appearance of a new CLC Teardrop Camper option: the Integrated Cargo Carrier. Nestled beneath the standard Teardrop, the Cargo Carrier adds 23 cubic feet (0.66m) of lockable storage. CLC designer Dillon Majoros created this great animation of how the Cargo Carrier works. Tents, tables, skis, surfboards, bring it on! We're looking to have this option available in spring of 2019. It's an easy retrofit if you already have a Teardrop Camper. 

The kit features two drawers and three compartments, all lockable, to give you the option to store all sorts of bulky things.
CLC Teardrop Camper
The prototype Intergrated Cargo Carrier in CLC's shop:


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