Wherry builder

Is there builders who will build a Wherry kit up to but not including paint and varnish for a fee ? 




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RE: Wherry builder

Depends on the fee.  ;-)

RE: Wherry builder

Agree. The problem you'll have is that building these boats only makes "rational" sense in two scenarios:

1. You build it yourself , because it's an "act of grace" (something which makes emotional/spiritual sense to you, personally), or

2. You offer to build it for a client, for more bucks than the market/client will, as a rule, pay. Which means, it doesn't get built.

I've loitered around here for many years and I've come across many folks and, if you don't mind me saying so, I suspect you ought to be be building yourself a boat. I've never met anyone who regetted doing what they dreamed of, but I've met plenty who regret that they didn't...




RE: Wherry builder

I have no idea what the fee would be to assemble one of these kits. I am just tossing thoughts around about how to go about this and am undecided. Perhaps I'll just go for the build myself as has  been suggested.

  My present ride is a Little River Marine 15' Heritage skiff , and while I'm very fond of it, it doesn't have the character of these pretty woodies.

I'll be stopping by CLC in Annapolis to look around.

Meanwhile I appreciate any thoughts from those that have been there.



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