sassafras 16

This Canadian says $600 to build an S16 at the Woodenboat Show? Only $600! Really? Last boat I built was for a friend and it cost me about a grand all up for materials for a Chesapeake 18. took me forever and two weeks to build between work and move house and a little altercation between me on foot and a car. ('Nuther story, don't wanna tell it here.) Paddled it myself and it don't need a rudder, it has one as friend insisted he couldn't paddle a straight line to save his life. I think he'll be pleased with the skill he thought he had not.

Yeah I want a Sassafras 16! You bet. Question; should I buy plans to build said boat? I did for the C18, worth it for the detail.

sincerely; Theo Kee



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RE: sassafras 16

I built a Sass' 16 from the plans (out of the book, which are wrong, but repairable) and, years into the sordid affair, I continue to love it to death.

Brilliant boat: versatile, stable, fast and and safe. Don't even get me started on it's sexy, sexy curves.

But, to your question: Having quasi-lofted a million brads, and a thousand curves, on a half-dozen 8x4 sheets of pooh-knows-where-from-okume (which I don't regret, and is still going strong after many years), I'd recommend...

...the kit.

Yep, the kit. It took me months, and cost me at leat twice (in low-angled planes, sharpening stones, hand-drills, spoke-shaves and doo-hickies) the cost of the kit, to do it all by hand.

That said, the only (repeat: ONLY) reason I say that is precisely because I built it by hand the first time. "Catch", as they say, "Twenty-Two..."!

So, I guess, if you can afford to get "elbows-deep", go the plans. If you want a boat, that you built, on a budget, go the kit. Either way, you'll have an almost-illegal amount of fun... and an awesome boat.



RE: sassafras 16

Dave: Seeing as I have already aquired all the low angle planes 'n' spokeshaves 'n' sharpening (water) stones (you ghot a hand drill??? where you get that?) most (not all) of which I got before I built the 18 so I am armpit deep already. As well I found revised measurements for all 3 Sassafrases, printed them, keep them in the book. What do I get if i ask CLC for Sassafras plans, do i get...the book, again or do I get detailled plans as I did for the 18?

  Just so you know I also own a Cape Charles 18 which I built...I'd rather have the Chesapeake 18

RE: sassafras 16

Well, that changes things. Tools, and how to use/sharpen them (particularly planes) is most of the battle.

Never having got the 'official' plans, I'd guess you would be paying for detailed construction instructions/photos, and a bunch of perfectly correct lines. Spend even more and buy the kit, and you get perfectly pre-cut strakes, bulkheads and bit-n-pieces. But, if you have reliable-enough plans, and the means/patience/eye to make your curves fair, and a source of cheap, quality okume, then the numbers you have are probably all you need. Seafarin' folks have been building perfectly seaworthy boats by eye for, I dunno, at least a decade or two... (insert winkie emoticon here!).

At the end of the day, it's a basic lofting of five groups of 4x strakes, involving careful (but not obsessive) fairing of curves with the low-angle plane, a scary scarfing session with a #4 Bailey, some slightly annoying rebates witha little bull-nosed plane, and 600x stitch-holes. Voila!

 Re the hand-drill, I bought an old English "Footprint" brand  double-pinion handdrill on eBay for like $3.00, which is one of my most useful tools (much moreso than the Bosch electric thing). Linkie to new ones (which are identical but considerably more than $3bucks -  in this regard, eBay is definitely your friend):



RE: sassafras 16

Please can you help me, Do you know what the revised measurements are for the Sassafras 16 and if so where can I get them from.

RE: sassafras 16

I don't know the perfect numbers, but who truly does?

It's a boat. 

Not rocket surgery.

Trust your eyes. You'll see where the numbers are wrong. If it isn't  a smooth curve, it should be. 

If it looks like a woman, except with a shoebox in her ankle, surgically remove the shoebox, and keep the woman...

Unless, of course, you really dig shoeboxes.



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