Veneer for inside of coaming plywood idea

Did not like the "sandwich" look of inside coaming spacers on my Wood Duck 10. Tried paint and it did not look good. Thought of a mahogony veneer. Ship model stores and some hobby stores sell 24" sheets of 1/32 mahogany. I have used these for ship models. I am going to give it a shot, and think it will look great compared to varnish or paint over the unattractive laminated plywood which is often uneven and may have gaps. Rich

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RE: Veneer for inside of coaming plywood idea

If I can ever get done with the living room reconstruction started last September I plan on building a night heron with veneer on the deck. I have never attempted doing any veneer work and hope it comes out, It doesnt sound all to difficult but then.... neither did the living room. It sounds as if you have at least some experence working with it, How frightened should I be? jim 

RE: Veneer for inside of coaming plywood idea


Another option would be to round over the inside top edge of your coaming with a router (say 1/4" roundover bit) and then lay up one layer of carbon fiber.  I did mine over a mold but the result would be similar.  Looks awesome (see my post "Chesapeak 17 LT (modified) for pics).

Seems like veneer would leave a sharp top edge where the coaming's side/top meet.

Good luck,


RE: Veneer for inside of coaming plywood idea

Interesting idea Rich.  Is the 1/32" mahogany flexible enough to assume the sharp bends, or will you have to steam it, soak it, or heat it to make it fit?

Maybe thin decorative fabrics or other materials could also be applied to cover those edges, and then coated with epoxy (with our without fiberglass) and varnish.  

RE: Veneer for inside of coaming plywood idea

I don't have much experience with veneeering, but I did a cherry veneer on homemade stereo speakers and have done several mahogany transom veneer over bass wood stock transoms.  In both cases, the results were very satisfying.

It takes patience, very careful measuring, and consistent application of glue.

For the coaming project, I just ordered my mahogony from Bluejacket Shipcrafters in Maine ( agreat company).  To play it safe, I ordered 1/32 x1" mahogany sheet wood.  And in case I have trouble bending it into shape, I also ordered 1/32x1/2 mahogany strips which I would double up.

I tried a dry fit with some old strips and they bent into shape nicely. After soaked in isopropal alcohol, they will be really pliable.

For the top edge, I will slightly round the mahogany to avoid a sharp edge. I have done this with the ship model veneers and it works well.

I'm excited to try this, and if it doesn't work, I now have some other good ideas from this post.

Absolutely obssessed with this build,



RE: Veneer for inside of coaming plywood idea

Here's an alternative to vaneer.  Would require removing the coaming top flange if installed.

I installed the two coaming rings on my Shearwater 17 Hybrid and then faced them in the inside with cedar strips run vertically.  I then trimmed the strips flush with the coaming rings and built up the top flange with more cedar strips run transversely.  I really fought getting the outside, under the flange glassed properly, but it worked out in the end and it looks pretty cool and, of course, custom

Paul G.

RE: Veneer for inside of coaming plywood idea


Wow! That's a fantastic idea.  Wish I had thought of it earlier, but no way am I removing the coaming which is very securely epoxied in place.  So, I will try my mahogany idea and will also use the veneer on the outside of the spacers where it is difficult to clean up.  Before I glued the coaming apron to the stripped deck, I used mahogany strips all around for a nice even, gap free look.  It was a pain, but came out well. The mahogany on the coaming should complement the apron border nicely.

RE: Veneer for inside of coaming plywood idea


Can you post a picture of that? Sounds like a great idea to me too 

RE: Veneer for inside of coaming plywood idea

WOW Lucky for me I love the look of the coaming on my WD10. WIth sanding and a 3/8" roundover on the inside top edge, and epoxy and varnish I think it looks really nice. Dont plan to do it any different for the WD12 I am building now.

Great thing about these boats, you can do pretty much anything you want.

Good luck with your approach and happy paddling!




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