Bow Handle on my Wood Duck 10

I plan to use line only for my bow grab handle on my Wood Duck 10.  What is the best type  line  to use?

Also: I have put on 5 coats of varanish.  What are some tips (do's and don'ts) about  drilling the hole for the handle. 

Another question is how do I make sure I drill straight so the bit comes out at the rightplace on the opposite side from where I start? 


Thanks for any and all help.  

Coach C. 

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RE: Bow Handle on my Wood Duck 10


Nor sure about the varnish question, maybe a piece of masking tape to aid in a clean entry...? 

I'm considering the same approach for simplicity's sake..., I'm thinking about a 1/16" pilot hole, drilled from each side to the center of the hull.  Then using a Forstner bit, drilling (again, from both sides) to the middle should give me a good enough tunnel to pass the rope through.  Forstner bits make really clean holes, and you can buy them individually (by diameter) if you don't already have a set. 

Good luck; wish me the same!


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