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    Well, I finally got out for the 'first paddle of the season' (I'm old and cranky, and the waters' been kinda cold....).  Went with my lawyer, if that tells ya anything.  We paddled about fifteen miles or so, up the Missouri and back.  It was a really calm morning, sun shining, great to be alive paddle.  We even saw some wildlife - lots of fish, a deer, and different birds, ranging from buzzards (ya want to paddle lively when they're around) to various raptors - hawks, falcons etc., a few bald eagles) and nesting ducks.  So all told, darned nice way to start the season.

      But now my problem; hope you good folks can help!  I seem to be having some engine problems..... no compression, there's a knocking sound when I tried to accelerate, and thought I saw some smoke coming outta my exhaust.  My U-joints might need a greasing, too.  Doubt I can get parts - it's an old model.  Bottom line - not enough horsepower.  So.... what to do?  Maybe bore it out and put in some highcompression pistons?  Wonder if a turbo would  help. Maybe I should be using some of that synthetic lube?  Anyhoo, hope you folks have some good suggestions.  In any event, MAIB's is worthwhile, regardless how dilapidated the craft.

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RE: engine maintainance

Dump lots of oatmeal down the filler pipe.  Improves overall performance, but might result in increased emissions.  Good luck 

RE: engine maintainance

Another possibility is to mount the engine in an easier to drive hull. Or, a hull big enough for 2 engines and mount a smaller, newer model as auxiliary propulsion. Second solution works really well when it's a plug compatible model, but as with any 2-engine installation your maintenance doubles and upgrades get really complicated, even if the engine mounts are compatible.



RE: engine maintainance

An upgrade with an auxillary.....  I like it!  Maybe one of those new Swedish models, eh?  Hope I don't blow a gasket - I hear those Swedish models take a toll when matched up with some of the old hardware putzing around out there.  Have to check with the Boss.

RE: engine maintainance

Barring an auxilliary engine, especially the swedish type, I'd suggest cranking the old engine a little more often during the "off" season.  Take it out for a spin with some other bodies during the cold months.  Maybe take it to a pool and crank it up there.  


And because I can't think of any more metaphors for cars and engines (I'm thick sometimes) I'll say it in direct terms.  Cross training is a fantastic thing.  Get out for walks/runs or bike rides whenever you can.  It doesn't have to be anything too rigorous, just routine.  As for joints, regular exercise will help those too.  Swimming will be the best thing to keep your shoulders in good shape for paddling, and might I suggest, next time start with a slightly shorter first trip out for the season.  15 miles doesn't seem like much, but I usually do just a few miles my first time out and work up to the 15 milers.  YMMV and all that, of course.



RE: engine maintainance

15 miles return!!! most young athletes wouldn't contemplate that! Look, try a different means of propulsion such as rowing. I've rigged a 16' canoe for rowing and it is just so light and sweet on the water. This offers much greater efficiency and more choice of  ergonomic positions and you just glide glide glide! Wear a bike helmet with a rear vision mirror to see where you are going if you like. sliding seat rowing is even better and takes the load away from your lower back if that could be a problem. I would recommend oars about 8'6"  with appropriate riggers to give maximum sweep for minimum load. You will find them surprisingly light. Maybe a MC 16 with a drop in pedal system like spin fin is an option.  All this would assist the cross training idea too. Take your joints through a gentle full range of movement every day, along with gentle sustained stretches as this improves the circulation and nutrition to connective tissue notorious for poor blood supply. Get someone to give you some deep finger massage into the area about a joint, called "deep tendon friction" and this will work marvels. Soaking in a hot tub helps as well. take heart, if you can do 15 miles return without training, you're still a spring chicken.

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