changing hepa filters

How can I tell it is time to change the hepa filters on my respirator during sanding?  This question also goes for the organic vapor filters while painting and varnishing>

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RE: changing hepa filters

Usually there are manufacturer's guidelines included with the filters. They give a max time between changes.

In between thos times, for dust, you can visually inspect the filters and see if they're getting clogged. If getting a good breath starts getting difficult that could also be a sign that the filters are clogged.

If you start smelling or tasting the dust or chemicals it's time to inspect and maybe change the filters (or at least make sure that they're properly installed and the mask sits well on your face).



RE: changing hepa filters


RE: changing hepa filters

I test mine periodically by putting a few drops of ethanol on the workbench or on a paper towel and seeing if I can smell it.  If not then the cartridges are ok.

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