kaholo owners

 2 weeks untill i order,how do you folks like paddling yours?

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RE: kaholo owners

i see alot of post from builders , but not much from people that hav actually paddled the finished product.what are your impressions of it ?is it fast? how well does it handle rough water?etc

RE: kaholo owners

I don't personally have a Kaholo yet but I have paddled the CLC demo board quite a bit.  Compared to my Oxbow 11' 6" it is significantly fast and more stable.  I have yet to have it out in waves but it handles nicely in small chop and 8-10 knots of wind.  Over all I would say its a lot of fun and a great board for someone who is looking to get into the sport, but is more interested in covering distance or exploring small creeks then surfing waves.  

Hope that helps.


RE: kaholo owners

thanks, thats the type of paddling i plan to use it for

RE: kaholo owners

ordered the kaholo yesterday , i'll let you know how it goes

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