Pic of Chesapeake 17LT on arrival


I am varnishing now and boat is looking good. I have lots of pics thru the building process, but I did not take a picture of the boat upon delivery in its boxes. I think it would be nice to have such a picture. Does anyone have one? If so please foward with permission to use in my slideshow. Please post the pic here or I will give you an email to send it to.

Thanks in advance.


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RE: Pic of Chesapeake 17LT on arrival

Dan, I just bought a 17lt too, I am still scarfing panels at this time.   As a strange coincidence, my name is Dan too, and I also live in Florida, Bradenton actually, I think I may have a pic of the kit on arrival and will look in my pics and will try to forward to you if I have one of the complete kit. BTW, what part of Flordia are you from?

RE: Pic of Chesapeake 17LT on arrival

Hi Dan,

I am in NW Florida near Destin.  The city is Mary Esther. I will probably in Bradenton later this month and might bring the kayak.  I will have some more pics posted shortly. It is looking quite good. If you want to send the pics to me directly my email is shouldadun@gmail.com



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