Skerry rig modification?

I will build a Skerry, but I do not like much the sail shape or rig on the plans, so I like to know if I can use the configuration of the Northeastern Dory, with a jib (two sails), can anyone that sail the skerry before, think this can be possible or it will change the development of the skerry? I like the triangular shape of this main sail, because you can change the tension of the mainsail with something like a boom bang, and an outhaul.


Thank you very much.

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RE: Skerry rig modification?

Hi Sailandy,

I haven't sailed my Skerry yet, but in general the sail rig is designed specifically for the boat. This makes it very difficult to transpose one rig onto another boat and sail efficiently. 

If I'm not mistaken, there are 3 types of rigs people have tried on the Skerry: the sprit sail, balanced lug and the gunter-sloop. I find the balanced lug the prettiest. Why not look into one of those? I'm sure you'll see one you like.

Happy Boatbuilding!


RE: Skerry rig modification?


As the builder, you can of course make any changes you want, but the boomed sprit on the skerry is a very well-behaved and predictable rig.

The sprit can have its tension adjusted, too, even though it's square. There's a downhaul which adjusts the tension along the luff, sort of like a cunningham. The snotter adjusts the tension along the tack and peak, along the sprit. Then there's the mainsheet going through the block on the boom which also acts as a boom vang. So you've actually got a lot of opportunity to control the sail's shape.

If I was inclined to change the Skerry's sail plan, what I'd do is leave the sprit, but make it loose-footed. I'd love to get rid of the boom entirely. That would allow the sail to be lowered and the mast shortened for better stability in high winds, as well as allowing the addition of a brailing line for reefing and rowing. However, that narrow stern wouldn't give the correct sheeting angle, so a boom is a necessary evil.

Another change would be to allow the mast to rotate. Sprits are more efficient when free to turn.

Jean is right about sailplans being specific to a boat. If you want a change that major you should talk to CLC about it.

Have fun,




RE: Skerry rig modification?

A gunter-sloop rig has been a popular option on the Skerry, and it's available in kit form.  We need some photos of it, as the option is somewhat buried on the Skerry's web page.  It's the Passagemaker Dinghy's rig mounted in the Skerry.

Link to Skerry Sloop  


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