wherry sanding question

First builder question to those that know better than me...

I am sanding the hull of my wherry prior to the 2 coats of clear epoxy (prior to primer, prior to, prior to....)

I am using a B&D palm sander with 3M 220. Am I correct in NOT sanding the glassed planks on the hull ? It would seem that sanding the glassed areas would just chew up the fiberglass and render it worthless for strength or wear ability. Pl advise.


Chuck Tasca




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RE: wherry sanding question

To answer your main question, don't sand the glass. 

I am a little ahead of where you are... The first coat of epoxy seems to really pull out the wood grain. Plenty of sanding to do after the epoxy goes on. 

For what its worth, I wouldn't worry about sanding too much before the epoxy coats. Get the stray drips and get it shapped how you want, i.e. no sander marks, etc. and then apply the epoxy coats. I did a light 220 after the first epoxy coat to smooth over the grain. The second coat is looking really good. 

Of course, this advice may be fully valued :-)





RE: wherry sanding question

Jay C.

Thanks for the info. I'll give it the first 'clear coat' tomorrow. I am using the slow cure MAS hardener. I am figuring on letting that set up overnight, then apply the second coat, then light sanding before the two coats of prime for finish paint. Sound about right ??


RE: wherry sanding question

That was my plan but I couldn't resist a light sanding after the first coat to knock down the wood grain that stood up. I am probably over doing it though.

The word is that you need to wait a while on the epoxy to let it set up before you sand. After the first coat I waited about 30 hours with temps in the 65 to 70 range. I still got some clumping during sanding but over came that with more frequent paper changes. On each strake I sanded three to four feet before I changed the paper. It fills amazingly fast.

Keep an eye out for anything bigger than fine dust...



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