Calling varnish experts

See my questions below about systems 3 spar varnish.  I have never gone this long with out some response to my questions.

Everyone must be out paddling. 


Coach C.

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RE: Calling varnish experts


 Any spar varnish should be fine to use for your boat.  I remember reading of several people on here who have used the System 3 with good results.   I personally am an Epifanes fans, but varnish is like kayak designs... everyone has a favorite!

Good luck,


RE: Calling varnish experts


Thanks for your quick response.   My wife really thanks you for approving the spar product.  It was her find.  

Have a great day, with lot's of love,peace and ice cream.

Coach C.

RE: Calling varnish experts


The next time everyone is paddling, trimming the hedges, doing taxes, etc., you can avoid delays by going to the manufacturer's website. They have all the info you're looking for. The one for S3 varnish is

Have fun finishing and see you in the water soon,



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