epoxy applicator

   I'm sure that I am not the first to stumble on this applicator, but for what it is worth....

   I just completed filling in the hull plank joints prior on my Wherry. At our recent clinic in Port Townsend, we applied the epoxy mix using baggies with a small cut in one corner, and applied the glue like we were decorating a cake. Although inexpensive and effective, the method left lots to be desired (IMO) in terms of control.

    I was putting ketchup on a hamburger the other day and a light went off, so I went down to a local retail store and bought a few plastic condiment applicators, the kind you find in fast food restaurants for mustard and ketchup. I mixed up my expoy this morning and the "ketchup dispenser" worked fantastic. I could lay it in exactly where I wanted it and it looked really great. I gave it a cleaning with white vinegar and could likely reuse it again. Each applicator was about $2.50, and holds lots more than the syringes.




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RE: epoxy applicator

Great idea! I have also successfully used West empty caulk tubes, which cost even less and can also be reused. These mount in a conventional caulking gun and are especially good for reaching into the ends of a kayak when filleting the seam between the deck and the hull. -Wes

RE: epoxy applicator

I am just finishing a 17 CH kayak and found that a squeeze bottle works great and is inexpensinve for filleting. I only wish that I discovered this method early in my build. The empty caulk tube would also work. Enjoy the process.

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