Anchoring options..

Hello All:

I love using my WD12 for photography.  I have had all kinds of waterfowl approach me very closely on their own terms (some with young!) and enjoy doing scenic work.  Photographing from a kayak allows for some dynamic perspectives.

 I was wondering if anyone could offer any tips on how to best use an anchor in such a boat.  I would love to be able to position myself in one spot.  I would also like not to install a cleat on the deck.  I really like having a clean look.

Would epoxying  a cleat on the underside of the deck work? I was also thinking about some sort of quick-release attachment to my PFD but not sure if that's really safe.




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RE: Anchoring options..

I've seen rigs for anchoring kayaks mainly for fishing, thye employ a pulley system so that you can adjust the anchor point on the boat to compensate for current.  I am not thinking so much about the current part, but the fact that these are done off the bow and stern handles.  Might be a good idea for you as an alternative to an additional cleat.

Check your local supplier, there are quick release belts for towing that you could use, though I am not sure I would want to tie myself to an anchor and toss it overboard ;).... Norht water does make a coaming tow system, you could use that or make your own based on that idea.

RE: Anchoring options..

I use one of those little folding grapple anchors (the next size down from the size CLC sells) for my WD12. It works very well in mud, acceptably so in roots and scattered rocks, poorly in thick grasses and not at all on solid rock.

It ends up clipped to my rigging, though I keep thinking that one day I'll rig some sort of system of lines to move it from bow to stern.

On my wife's CH16LT, I rigged a very large hangman's knot with 1/4" line that goes around her coaming. Similar principle, lower price than the one in Dave's link.

Please don't tie the anchor to yourself. Just think what would happen if that line became tangled in something while you were in a strong current (a drowned log, a passing motorboat, etc.) If we read about you in the papers we want it to be because you won the lotto



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