17lt deck beam question

Just got my 17lt kit, I notice what looks like the deck beam, but  it is in 2 pieces . Does this have to be laminated together? It is nothing like the picture in my instruction manual, it seems to be cut to shape and not bent and laminated. This is my 1st build and I do not want to foul this up.


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RE: 17lt deck beam question

I built my 17LT quite a while ago but if I remember that is correct.  It is a lot more convienient to have the curve pre cut than to have to laminate it the other way over a form and allow for a little spring back.  I'm pretty sure that somewhere in the directions it tells you to laminate it with epoxy with some thickener, Once the epoxy has dried, you will probably want to do a real good sanding job leaving the outside curve flat and the inside (where your shins may bump) very nicely rounded. 

ps 1:  if it looks like a deck beam it probably is.

PS 2 you probably can not foul up in a way someone here has not already done and found a solution to.

PS3:  read, re read, sit and think a while, then read again.  Read ahead so you have an idea where everything is going.  Every shop needs a thinking chair.  

PS 4:  I've never heard of one of these things not working out in the end so enjoy the build.  It is addictive.  I'm on my 3rd, this one a petrel.

PS 5:  Remember to say hello to the significant other at least once a week.



RE: 17lt deck beam question

Yes, mine came in two pieces which I glued together as discussed above. 
I also agree this is addicting.  Enjoy each and every step. It is much fun and worthwhile.


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