Upgrade suggestions?

I'm considering some upgrades for my WD12 -- I already got the VCP hatch and am wondering whether to get something other than the standard seat, which doesn't appear all that attractive or durable.

 I don't want to go crazy with adding options, but at the same time want to end up with a well-appointed first kayak.

 Any suggestions?

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RE: Upgrade suggestions?

My back & backside really like my Creature Comfort seat. I also put a layer of 3/4" minicell foam on the bottom where my ankles rest. The carbon fiber paddles are a pretty good upgrade that can be moved from boat to boat. Then there's  stem & stern pieces instead of endpour (among other things, they allow the easy attachment of rudders if needed), completely glassed inside, graphite/epoxy bottom and a wood duck logo.




RE: Upgrade suggestions?

On my Shearwater (similar boat design, but longer and skinnier) I upgraded the footpegs to easy-adjust types (SeaDog) with the fiberglass mounting instead of through-hull fittings, added a Redfish custom seat, used Moby hatch cover attachments, moved the forward bulkhead back to maximize storage space, did a full fiberglass layer inside the hull and deck, and made soft padeyes for the deck rigging. As Laszlo said, a good lightweight paddle is a wonderful investment.  

The beauty of building it yourself is you can do whatever you want!  Have fun with it,


RE: Upgrade suggestions?

Interesting timing on your posting Mike. I am in the fill coat stages of my WD 12 Hybrid, and was thinking that the supplied seat just might not look that great. So today when I spoke with Matt at CLC, and ordered some extra epoxy, I also ordered a Happy Bottom Seat. In addition, I am having a bit of a problem drilling holes thru the hull at the bow and stern for the toggles, so I have ordered the brass padeyes, and will probably splice a line through them. Now I am thinking that I really don't want to drill holes for the foot braces. I also spoke with Matt about the graphite bottom, but was not convinced that it is the right thing for me. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.


RE: Upgrade suggestions?

I'm very happy with graphite/epoxy bottoms. I've used them on all my current boats, including retrofitting the older ones that didn't have them. They're easy to apply, cost-effective, durable and easy to repair.

I also like the CLC stainless steel footbrace studs.



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