Float Bags in Wood Ducks

First question is are they really needed?

Second question, How do you fix them in the boat?

It would have been easier I guess if I added some way during construction. I still have time for my WD12 as I am just getting started, the WD10 is complete.




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RE: Float Bags in Wood Ducks

Dave, not sure the local laws for your area, but I think that for a home built, anything goes.  For me, I am installing them in my WD12 (about to fillet and glass the interior).  I have not finalized my plan, I am between a ring at the bow to tie them to and a mesh barrier with a bungee that I can use as a second cargo area should the need arise.

I have two float bags (bow and stern) in my SOF, never needed them, but nice to know they are there.  I inflated/installed them last July and they are still full.

http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524442623727 - it has a tie down ring at the end, I used that to secure the ones in my SOF.

RE: Float Bags in Wood Ducks

David, Thanks for the reply.

I have the two i bought from CLC, they sell them in pairs which works for me as I can use one for each WD.

I will rig something up to tie them in place. They also have a grommet at all three corners, so there is a place to hook them in




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