scribing for painting

In the tips for Boatbuilders, it shows a wood block with three nails to help scribe the line between the paint and varnish.  How much pressure needs to be applied to make sure the paint does not bleed thru?  Does anyone have any other methods?. Thanks for your help.

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RE: scribing for painting


Why not use 3M's Scotch Blue Painter's Tape #2090, it's a top quality tape.


RE: scribing for painting

The scribed line does NOT prevent the paint from bleeding into the varnish. The purpose of the scribed line is to guide you in placing the 3m fine line tape in a neat line that follows the curve of the indicated in step two of the shop tip referenced in the original post. (summary of step two: "apply tape") Using fine line tape will yield sharper results than regular painter's tape....which is probably desirable in those cases where a sharp, pretty, non-wavy line is the asthetic results one is seeking to achieve.

It's also a good idea to increase the width of the masked off area by using regular blue painter's tape in addition to the fine line (the fine line tape is really narrow).... unless you're really careful and have a very steady hand..... which is categorically "not me"

So, in response to the original question -- the scribe mark doesn't need to be very deep --enough so you can see what you're doing....but you're not making a moat!

 Julie K.

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