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The multiple blizzards that hit Maryland a few weeks ago took a toll on our Japanese maple, cracking a branch off the main trunk. It was still hanging on by a thread, though there was plenty of bark and cambium attached to both the branch and the trunk.

So the nutritive path was there, all that was missing was the mechanical bond between the branch and the tree. The tree is wood, everyone here knows how we bond 2 pieces of wood together, hmmmmmm....

I mixed up 3 oz of Silvertip, painted both sides of the crack to make sure that the joint wouldn't get epoxy starved, added enough woodflour to make a reasonably stiff putty (it was a vertical crack), filled the crack in and used a ratchet strap to pull the branch back to the trunk, applying enough tension to close the crack and squeeze out some epoxy. The strap was left on for a week.

It's been another week since and the branch is still firmly attached and alive. The leaf buds on the re-attached branch are starting to open and there's some very puzzled bugs.

John, new business opportunity here?



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Laszlo, I believe that's what we call a hybrid maple!  It'll be interesting to see if a burl forms around the epoxy joint as the tree grows over the years.  As you said, as long as the nutritive pathway is still intact, there shouldn't be a problem with growth. 



You are such a doggone tree-hugger Laszlo! This would have been the perfect opportunity to build the:

 Apparently the 'plans only' option is free, but you would need to supply your own adze plus a little imagination.

I want to know if it is necessary to varnish the cockpit?


Ogata, eric

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