Hatch Sealing

It is not possible to get the hatch on my WD10 closed with the provided weatherstripping. I am using a flush mount approach like in the manual. I cant push the hatch down enough to turn the retainers into place.

Has this set up worked for anyone? Tricks? Alternate sealing thoughts?

Almost enough water here in southern mass to paddle out the back door!




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RE: Hatch Sealing

I had the same problem with my CLC Shearwater kit. Solved it by buying thinner weatherstripping at the local hardware store. Wes (on rainy Cape Cod).

RE: Hatch Sealing

Thanks, will do the same.

Glad it wasnt just me!


RE: Hatch Sealing

I have the same problem on my Shearwater 14 kit.  With the weather stripping supplied I can't get the hatch flush.  I'm also glad it's not just me!

RE: Hatch Sealing

I used the supplied seal. With the bungie hold downs it did compress quite a lot but is still proud about a 1/4". With no seal installed the hatches were flush. I think even with thinner seals it would be slightly above the surface. I suppose if you had a thicker hatch spacer you could get a good seal and have it flush too.

RE: Hatch Sealing

I have the thick stripping from CLC, not decided yet if I'll used it.  But because of that "slightly proud" edge of the hatch showing, I plan to paint the edges and insides of the hatch covers to match the striping/bottom color on the boat.  That way if they do pop up a little, it'll give it an 'artistic flair....'

Painting within a month... can't wait!


16"x 9 " VCP Hatch on Pax 20

Has anyone installed the 16" x 9" VCP hatch on the Pax 20.  I was thinking about doing that to get a backup paddle, a dry bag with extra clothes, and some safety gear in the boat.  I have been to enough events and races to know sooner or later, you are going to need some of this extra gear along the way.   I am in the process of building this boat.

Any help on this topic would great be appreciated.   

Thanks.  Mark

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