First of all, sorry for how stupid my questions may sound. I am a novice in kayak kit building. In addition to that, my question are probably answered on th kit's manual, but I am so anxious that I can't wait to understand a little better.

Subject 1: From the available tuorial available on CLC website, the show as step 18: " hull assembly is complete when the desck has been sanded and fiberglased ..."

- Is there deck fiberglassed too? Theu "outer" part? How to make a nice transition between the fiberglasses where the hull and the deck joints?

- According to the tutorial, the deck fiberglasses should be installed after the cockpit reinforcements. Is that right?

 - Can the fiberglass be sanded after before varnishing?



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RE: Novice

Gui, what boat are you building? SEEYA JAck

RE: Novice

1. Yes, on most of the boats here the outside is glassed. Follow this link to see how I did the transition on my WD12 (it should work for any kayak).

2. I like to install the glass first, then the coaming, but either way will work. Try this link to see how to build a coaming off the boat.

3. Once you fill the weave (but not before), you pretty much have to sand the glass to get it smooth enough for a nice varnish job. Follow this link for a nice description of the process

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RE: Novice


Thank you very much for the answer.

Congrats for the documentation that you made available on the web. Awesome. I'll go thru it entirely and I will ask you any doubts that may arise, ok?

Thank you again,

See you,



RE: Novice


I am planning to build a Shearwater for me and Chesapeake 16 for my wife.

Not sure the order though.

Thank you,


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