Epoxy/ Blushing- Help!

Frustrating!  Gave my kayak a third coat of Epoxy over five days ago and it it is either blushing or not curing?  I've had heat lamps on it from time to time for hours at a time in my enclosed tent area, have had it outside in 60 degree days and today went to sand it again and it is still smearing?  I have used this epoxy before and spoke with the manufacturer.  He said to give it time to cure as most of the Chicago days have been in the 30s and 40's, especially at night.  But this is getting crazy.  I've taken my nail to it and it seems as hard as rock until I start with my orbital sander and smears right away.  The only thing I could think of is the possiblity I mixed worng, even though I am using measured cups and usually triple check everything?  If I did, will this ever dry??  On the outside chance it was blushing, I just washed it down lightly with soap and water and rough pad in an effort to get the wax off( if that is what it is)?  How long do I have to wait to try sanding it again.  I haven't been able to get photo s yet as my camera is being used.  HELP!

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RE: Epoxy/ Blushing- Help!

Still trying to salvage my Saturday, hoping someone is listening that can help?  The washing did not help at all.  I tried sanding by hand and it is not as bad, but it just does not seem to want to cure.  When I sand the edges, it almost looks like wet chalk?  I gave the interior a coat last night with heat lamps for three hours and it is already dry, so I don't understand.   I have to assume I mixed wrong on the third outer coat, so what are my options?

1.  Scrape the entire kayak, which terrifies me as I don't know how much I am scraping off and what if I scrape into the fiberglass?

2.  Since it does not appear to have cured, what about giving it another coat of epoxy?.

3.  Could i sand it gently as best as possible and then just prime it, since I am going to paint the hull anyway?

4. Do nothing and put it under the heat lamps for another week?

RE: Epoxy/ Blushing- Help!

Patience, patience, patience...  Most epoxy needs to see 60 degrees minimum for the specified manufactures time to cure. The lower the temperature the longer the cure and in some instances it just is not going to cure properly. There is the possibility that you mixed a batch incorrectly but only time will tell. Constant heat not a little here and a little there for an hour or two is going to speed up the process. I would try to keep the temp a constant 60 degrees plus and give the epoxy a couple of days before you try to sand. You may also want to turn the speed down on the sander if you can, it may help prevent smearing.

RE: Epoxy/ Blushing- Help!

Thanks Dehager!  You were right.  Today was almost sixty and after a couple of hours in the sun, I went back out and it started to sand properly.  Was hoping to have the top on today, instead spent the entire day sanding, turned out nice though.  Whew!

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