Keeper footbraces installation

Need some advice to install my plastic keeper footbraces.  I drilled, filled and redrilled the holes.  I assume the screws that came with the kit simply screw into the bracket from the outside-in?  I would also assume to use some type of silicone to seal the screws?  ANy recommendation on what type of silicone and can I get at hardware store?  I noticed some holes on the brackets that look they they are meant for a small screw from the inside-out, but I was only given four screws and considering there is very little to screw to, I do not think this is correct?  Is this all there is to attaching these braces or am I missing something?  I am already commited and want to install the deck tomorrow, so any advice is greatly appreciated!

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RE: Keeper footbraces installation


I think the general consensus is "marine adhesive sealant fast cure 4000UV" from 3M.  Product number 05280.  I found mine at a marine supply store (West Marine) after looking far and wide for a similar product at regular hardware stores.

Don't forget the 3-inch glass tape on the inside of the cockpit to reinforce the foot brace location. 


RE: Keeper footbraces installation

Regarding the screws, does anyone know if the 4 screws are all there is? 

RE: Keeper footbraces installation

My footbraces are still not attached but 4 reasonable sized screws is the plan on mine. Watch the sealant you use. Some types of sealant can ruin the material these braces are made of.  Pure silicone is benign.


RE: Keeper footbraces installation

Thanks for the feedback.  I almost forgot the fiberglass which makes sense!

RE: Keeper footbraces installation

I just ordered mine and I plan to attach them with stainlees steel screws to some wooden blocks which I will epoxy to the interior-- sort of like what is shown in the last picture of the keeper foot brace page.

RE: Keeper footbraces installation

What has worked for me is this: If you are putting in you keepers footbraces permanently, just drill so they barley fit. The put some epoxy thickened with sanding dust on the threads of the screws and screw them in place. The thecked epoxy with seal the hole had keep the screws frm coming loose. wipe of any excess on the outside.

RE: Keeper footbraces installation

Does anyone know what happened to the Yakima Footbraces ?

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