Sail Rig almost built

I Rebuilt a pokamoke Double into a single and built a sail Rig for it. i will Be launching some time next week. Here are a few Photos. I will take a lot of photos and video when I launch. I have worked on it steady for the last 6 months. More info to follow. 

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RE: Sail Rig almost built

I don't see any photos, but I'm interested in your build.  I plan to build a sail rig for my MC16.5 this winter (2010/2011).

RE: Sail Rig almost built

 You should  have put the word "Pokamoke". in your header. It's an old tortured ply design and I don't remember any dicussion about the building of one except in the book that Chris Kulczicki wrote.  I consider the boat of more interest than the sail rig. Altho' I'm curious as to how a shallow, round-bottomed hull like that will be set up for sail and whether or not it is practical. 

Good luck 

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