Sanding Shearwater hybrid deck

I'm ready to start sanding the stripped deck on my hybrid.  Do most builders make a fairing board to help or can a random orbital sander and hand sanding do the work?   A few small areas I will touch up with the block plane.  Does the fairing board make enough difference to make one and learn to use it?

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RE: Sanding Shearwater hybrid deck

On mine, I took off all the high spots with a block plane, cutting on a diagonal so I crossed several strips with each stroke.  I then went to the orbital sander.  It turned out quite good, however, if you want a finish with absolutely no dips, one that feels like those strips are really one uniform piece, then I think a fairing board is necessary. 

Work on it with the sander and see how it looks and feels.  If you want in smoother then go with the board.

Paul G

RE: Sanding Shearwater hybrid deck

I made a fairing board out of a piece of scrap 1/4 plywood and and some cheap wooden knobs from Home Depot. I also used all the above methods. I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

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