adding rub-rails after the fact...

I went ahead and ordered varnish today, in preparation for finishing in the beginning of April.  I'll be taking advantage of the nice weather this weekend to do a few fairing coats of epoxy before the final sanding (my initial forays with 80 grit went a little deep in spots).  At this point, I'm thinking of ways to tweak the look of the boat a little bit before finishing it, and was debating rub rails.  The question is, can they be installed this late in the game?  If so, they would go just at the bottom lip of the sheer where the deck rounds over.  I know the instructions say to put them in-line with the deck rather then below, but would it look alright if I installed them just below the sheer round-over?  I was thinking like a 1/2in walnut or teak 1/2 round tapered to 1/4in at the bow and stern.  

Ideas?? How would this accent look with a bright finished hull and deck?



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RE: adding rub-rails after the fact...

It would look fine. Doesn't matter that they're installed a bit low. There are those who realized after a bit of paddling that they wanted them and have added them. Walnut would be a lot darker, personally I'd go with the teak.

George K

RE: adding rub-rails after the fact...

Mahogany looks really nice too and is almost as weatherproof as teak at a lower cost.

RE: adding rub-rails after the fact...

Thanks guys.  I've decided to hold off on account of the fact that I want to finish the boat and getting it in the water without adding another project.  I'm working on doing some fairing coats of epoxy in the hope that this nice weather will keep up and I'll be able to varnish in early April (knowing NE weather, I'm sure that's a long shot).  Mahogany is definitely cheaper, by about a factor of 4!  When I started using teak in the mid-90's, it was going for about $12-15/bd ft.  Nowadays you're lucky to find it for $30/bd ft.  

 As far as accent details, I figure the "strip-built" compass block (teak, ash, cherry, and walnut) that I made, and the cherry/brass carry toggles will add enough pizzazz for now! :)  


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