Wood Duck 12 Glassing

Hello all,

I'm new here but have been reading for weeks now.( very helpfull information) I need to know if it is best to glass and do all the fill coats to the hull before glassing the deck. Or would it be wise to go rotate between the deck and hull for a more even layup?

Your opinions are greatly appreciated,

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RE: Wood Duck 12 Glassing

I left the fill coats on mine until after the whole boat was glassed. My main area of concern was where the deck glass overlaps onto the hull. It's a stronger lighter joint if the fill coat is done after the overlap.



RE: Wood Duck 12 Glassing

Thanks Laszlo,

That confirms what I was thinking. if you do the hull and then the fill coats, then the deck and it's fill coats. Then you have a 3 inch section that has 2 layers of glass with way to many fill coats and that's just wasted epoxy and weight without gaining any more strength.


RE: Wood Duck 12 Glassing

I agree with Laszlo. I did it the other way on my wd10, all hull then deck. I have a wd12d being delivered and i will do both hull and deck , then fill the weave on this one



RE: Wood Duck 12 Glassing

Having just sanded through 98% of the fill coats from the overlap on my C16, I'd say go ahead and glass it all before putting down more epoxy.  In retrospect, I wish I had done it!


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