Sanding on My Duck

I am a complete novice with sanding epoxy.  I spent the afternoon sanding the hull with 80 grit.  I have read all the hints and litature I can find but I am still not sure of the process. 

I think this is my question.  What am I looking for to know when to go to  a lesser and lesser grit.  

Thanks for the help,

Coasch C

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RE: Sanding on My Duck


First off, if you're going to be using something as rough as #80, be very careful that you don't sand into the glass. Typically, the only time to sand with #80 is when you have big globs and drips. I like to start with no coarser than #120 and then move to #220 as soon as possible.

When to switch? When the surface is smooth enough that you can make good progress with a finer paper. if you're sanding and getting nowhere, go rougher. If it's coming off too fast and you're finding it hard to keep from sanding into the glass, go finer.

When you're at #220 and the entire boat is smooth and dull, when you can run your bare hand over it and not feel bumps and dings, when you don't feel any depressions and don't see any shiny pits, you're ready to varnish or prime.

Good luck,



RE: Sanding on My Duck

Thanks for the reply.   This is th type of ilnformation I was looking for. 

Make sure you have a great day with lots of love peace and ice cream. 

Coach C. 

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