Wood Paddle

I am just finishing up a wood paddle I made and am thinking about epoxying the paddle blades to make them more wear resistance. The blades are made of Maple, Walnut, and Mahagony and the shaft is redwood. I plan on using tung oil on the shaft but wondering if it would be worth putting the epoxy on to help protect the blades from underwater obsticals. Any ideas?



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RE: Wood Paddle

I am no pro, but just built two paddles of my own from designs in the Kayak book.  I actually used left over plywood from the kayak.  I plan on using fiberglass on the edge of the blades and then giving it a couple of coats of epoxy to stiffen the blade as well as protect it.  Hope this helps.  Send pics if you have any.

RE: Wood Paddle

Here are some pics. I really want the contrast to stick out on the paddle blades so want them to really shine and be bold so was thinking of epoxy then varnish. I can't I don't think I will glass them if I do it would be with 1 or 2 oz cloth.



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