leather wraps

Has anyone out there attempted to wrap their paddle grips in any type of leather?  I know, leather does not go well with water, but I was wondering if anyone attempted before and if so, how would you protect the leather from the water?  Maybe the same spray you use on leather boots?  Thanks for the input.

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RE: leather wraps

Personally I have never tried wrapping a paddle grips in leather, actually i am just finishing my  first paddle...can't afford the kayak yet, so why not build paddles to help relieve the itch...but I do work in wet conditions of heavy snow removal and my boots are leather. The waterproofing shoe spray is crap, I use Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP which I find at my local Cabela's. It works great for water protection on keeps the leather soft. It's only $13 for a good size container that would last you years for just using on paddle grips.


Personally I'd rather fill the soft wood in my hands than leather.


Good luck, if you try it let it know how it works!

RE: leather wraps

Thanks for the feedback.  I plan on covering the shaft with Epoxy and probably varnish, so I thought leather grips might be nice?  I know they make grips in Neoprine, etc..   Any other ideas?

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