Glass and epoxy questions-W.D.Hybrid

Does every one here us the MAS system epoxy ?? We have West Systems availible here locally. Also I have read that 4 ounce cloth can be more difficult to work than the 6 ounce? What are your experiances ? Would 6 oz. be good to use on the bottom with 4 oz on the rest? I believe I read that Laszlo used cloth on the inside of the bottom hull of his Duck ? Thank guys

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RE: Glass and epoxy questions-W.D.Hybrid

I've used System 3 Marine and Silvertip epoxies.

I actually find 4 oz easier to work with than 6 oz, it takes bends more easily and is less work to wet out. It also produces a better bright finish. That said, 6 oz isn't really difficult at all.

Depending on how and where you're planning on using your duck, 6 oz might be a good idea for the bottom. It will make your boat heavier and consume more epoxy (about half again as much as 4 oz), but it will definitely give you more abrasion resistance than 4 oz. FWIW, though, I used 4 oz and then coated the bottom with graphite/epoxy. This has stood up well to sand, concrete ramps and the occasional oyster shell. If you're only going to be paddling where there are smooth bottoms, you don't need the graphite/epoxy.

Finally, I glassed my entire duck, inside and out, hull and deck, with 4 oz glass. The entire boat is true composite construction - glass sandwich with plywood core. I had to order extra glass and epoxy to do this, but the extra strength is worth it to me. I was still able to bring it in below the specified weight.

Have fun, it's almost Spring,



RE: Glass and epoxy questions-W.D.Hybrid

 Thanks Laszlo--I just ordered the MAS- 2 economy set with some extra 4 oz. glass cloth and I will be following your lead and will glass everything. I just checked your site again and I it is a lot of help--good job on your site. The graphite epoxy looks interesting but I have alot to do before worrying about this detail right now. To much info at once is not good--I will pace myself and ask you about those particulars latter--Thanks again

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