Guillemot from scratch

I haven't even finished my Chesse 16 and I am Already looking at building a Guillemot. next winter.  I like to build from scratch and was wondering if anyone has done so?  I was told it takes about 1018 LF of board or about 84 -8ft x1/4 x 3/4 pieces?  That doesn't seem like alot?  Am I looking at only 6 - 1x8x10 boards?  I know this is not exact, but that does not seem right?  Any help out there is greatly appreciated, Cedar boards are on sale, almost half price in Chicago area and I want to take advantage for my winter project.  Thanks in advance for your input.

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RE: Guillemot from scratch

I'm working a guillemot from scratch as well. I bought the plans quite some time ago. I went to purchase the supplies for the forms and found that I could get the forms already cut out from CLC for just a few buck shy of what I could buy the rough supplies. The cedar calculations seem about right, but I haven't purchased and ripped my cedar yet, but that was about how much I was going to get.

RE: Guillemot from scratch

Thanks Ricks.  I was thinking about buying the form sheets from CLC becuase I am intimidated by all the lofting numbers.  I drew my Chesse 16 from the kayak book, so I would like to try and accomplish the same with the Guillemot.  Also, I am a little concerned about rippings my own strips and keeping them straight enough.  When are you starting your kayak?  I would enjoy hearing about your progress.

RE: Guillemot from scratch

Just went to the local lumber yard here in Chicago area, the Cedar is on sale, but full of knots.  I asked how much Red Cedar or white cedar, clean of knots would be and they told me 3-4 times regular cost if they could even get it, almost $60-70 per 8ft board?  Is this accurate?.  In reading the book, Building a Strip Kayak, the author also said I could use Pine?  I did fine clear pine at the store, but is this practical?  ANy suggestions?

RE: Guillemot from scratch

You might want to check out Nick Shade's books (The Strip-Built Sea Kayak and Building Strip-Planked Boats).  He has a materials list in the back.  For a Guillemont he lists 937 feet of 3/4" square edge strips (49 strips if they are 18' long) or 1004 feet of 3/4" cove and bead strips (53 strips if they are 18 ft long).  Of course you'd need more strips if they are shorter, but it sounds like your estimate of total feet is correct. He also discusses the different characteristics (weight, ease of working, etc.) of different woods that may be helpful for choosing alternative woods.  

In some areas, you will occasionaly find already milled strips that people are selling from a project they never built (I just picked up 100 18'ft long cove and bead western red cedar strips today from someone on Craigslist who was moving for the ridiculous price of $50 - you don't see a deal like that very often, but once in a while if you are patient).  

Good luck with your search.

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