MC13 Bottom too long

This is my first stitch-n-glue boat. I'm stitching the garboards to the bottom. I was very careful to put the bow point at the exact point specified on the planks. With jut over half the stitches made, I see that the stern is going to come together short of the end of the bottom. It looks like the bottom is about 2 inches too long.

No, I don't know where my lofting error is, and it doesn't matter much since these are the parts I have.

I don't see much recourse other than shortening the bottom by shaving down the edges toward the stern. Loosening the wires and shuffling the planks doesn't look like it would buy enough to make things come out even.

Any other advice before I start trimming?

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RE: MC13 Bottom too long

Plans or kit build?

Since you mentioned lofting, I'm guessing Plans. Could you have measured or cut one of them wrong?

It does not have to come out even and have your bilge panels end where your base/bottom panel ends. There should be a bit of bilge panel left beyoned the end of your base/bottom panel.

It does not have to be exact, we all make little mistakes that result in a unique boat.

RE: MC13 Bottom too long


you say the bottom is 2" long, I wonder if you made a scarf joint or a butt joint. If it is a scarf joint, check  to see if you added 2" to one panel (correct) or 2" to both panels to allow for the scarf joint.

 Just a thought. 


RE: MC13 Bottom too long

Not a scarf problem. That was done long before the patterns were lofted on the scarfed lumber.  I've gone back over the drawings and the parts a couple of times and and can't see where the error was made. ... and it does no good to try to determine how it was made.

I ended up accurately measuring the length of the bilge panel EDGE that needs to meet the bottom edge. Then, I used a block plane to remove material at both ends of the bottom until I got to the measured length. Then, I wired it all up. 

 BTW, the bilge and sheer planks mated very nicely.

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