Wood Duck Hybrid Q. #2-wood for strips

Saturday I did some investigating of what wood is available in my area of Colorado for the wood strips on the Hybrid 12. Zip so far for clear Western Red Cedar. What I did find is some Alaskan Yellow Cedar--this would make great accent lines along the shear and the center line [sorry still learning the technical terms]. Nice stuff that the specialty yard purchased specifically for this type of project but the price is 12.50 to 13.00 per board ft.--Ouch. Also in the nice wood and look catagory was the Peruvian Walnut very rich look with the price to match, about 13 a BF. Of interest to me was the African Mahogany--slight redish brown, clear, not bad for weight. and down right georgous all for about 1/2 the price of the rest , about 6 a BF. One large board that I pulled out for examination was 24 inches wide--this was not the largest board in the pile!

I realize that good looks, practicality, and economy are hard to find in a wife. Do these rules also apply when boat building ? Is my reaction to the wood prices out of touch? Are these woods a practacle application for what I am doing? Thanks --Steve  PS is their spell check on this thing or it OK to go redneck ?

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