shear clamps and deck beam

First time build Ches17LT.

I am ready to plane the shear clamps and install deck beams.  My question is regarding the order of these steps.  The manual shows to install the beam first, then plane the clamps to match.  It seems to me that if I install the beam slightly high or slightly low this could kill my chance of having a consistent flow of the radius from the side panel edge, across the shear clamp and onto the beam.

Is there a reason for installing the beam prior to working the radius on the shear clamps or can I plane them down and then install the beam flush to their finished top surface?


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RE: shear clamps and deck beam


Install the deck beam before planing the sheer clamps. The sheer clamps should've been glued up 1/4" proud of the side panels and the top of the deck beam will be even with the top of the sheer clamp. When you plane down the sheer clamps you will plane a bit into the side panels as well in the deck beam area. Don't worry about that, there's plenty of sheer left to nail into. You should have two radius templates for planing, one from the deck beam forward and another for the rear cockpit bulkhead back. The aft deck is a flatter radius. The fun part is the rolling bevel between the two in the cockpit area which you just have to eyeball.

I've never tried to plane the sheers before installing the deck beam but theoretically it should work and there are probably those here who have done it that way. The other way has worked for me onseveral kayaks so I'll stick with it!

George K

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