Rowing Unit in a Mill Creek

Hello again everyone.  I was all set to build an Annapolis Wherry with the drop-in rowing unit.  But, I do have a wife and two teenagers, so I thought maybe a Mill Creek.   I've seen lots of photos of people rowing the Mill Creek, but I've not seen anything about switching back to a kayak for paddling.  Can these be built to do both paddling and rowing duties?  I know the rowing unit requires mounting blocks and I have to wonder if those interfere with paddling seats.

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RE: Rowing Unit in a Mill Creek


I am not a kayak builder and cannot answer your Mill Creek question but I do have two Piantedosi row wings. One is mounted in an Oxford shell on fixed floor mounts and the other has a special kit that allows you to mount the rig to the gunnels on canoes and is supported on legs that are padded. You simply remove the unit by removing 2 screws from the gunnel clamps. The clamps could also be removed so that nothing remains mounted in the canoe. However if the mounting block in the Mill Creek is like the one I put in the Oxford Shell I believe, if you do a better job than I did, you should be able to remove the metal legs and only have a slight bump that they mount under. Unfortunately the mounting legs on mine are epoxied in under the mounting block. The Piantedosi website also has a Scout Rig that mounts on the gunnels that is cheaper than the standard rig. I'm sure the CLC experts will be happy to provide you a more experienced advice than mine.

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