Epoxy help

I all of a sudden can not put a new coat of epoxy on without a lot of "orange peel"??

I have sanded the boat completely, wiped down with Denatured alchohol (new can in case old stuff was contaminated), and just put on another coat and the "peel" is back.

One other point, I ran out of original epoxy/ hardener, and the problem seems to be only with new batch.

 any thoughts? It is hard to get were i need to be putting on and then sanding of 95% of what i put on

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RE: Epoxy help

Just another point. I started using those hot dog shaped white rollers from Home Depot. Could that be part of the problem??

 It may be some ciontamination still, as this time is not as bad as the last coat i put on??


RE: Epoxy help

You may be onto something there, David. I've had good results using thin foam disposable rollers. -Wes

RE: Epoxy help

Orange peel is caused by surface tension in thick layers. If your new epoxy is going on thicker, that would do it.

Wes is right, go with the short-nap foam. The hot dogs are good for thick coats of stuff you're going to sand anyway, like primer. Not so good for the thin coats of epoxy.



RE: Epoxy help

I've learned MY lesson

RE: Epoxy help

Thanks guys,

I will sand this coat off and try the thin nap foam rollers that came with the kit.

Wish I had stock in Norton Sandpaper!!


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