hybrid Chesapeake 16

Hello all.

I'm building a CH16 stitch and glue and almost finished with all of the woodworking.  Then it's sand/epoxy/sand, repeat, sand/varnish/sand....It's been a lot of fun and a great experience.  I have another CH16 that is stitch and glue for the sides, but I plan to do a strip top.

My question has to do with the coaming and cockpit. 

I've seen pictures of coamings glued in place and the strips terminated at the coaming. 

I've also seen the strips placed on the forms without a coaming.  They terminated into the cockpit opening an the final opening was cut after that.

I have also seen someone strip the entire top of the boat and then cut out the cockpit opening.

Does anyone have any comments/advice on their preference of which way to go?

Thanks in advance!

Paul in Phoenix 




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