Oars for Wherry and drop-in unit

I'm putting together a list of things I'll need for my boat project.  For all you guys who have built wherries with rowing units, what oars are you using?

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RE: Oars for Wherry and drop-in unit

Super Comp Lites Sculling Oars. They are very expensive but man are they suu-weeet.


RE: Oars for Wherry and drop-in unit

I have a pair of Piantedosi wooden Macons and a pair of Concept 2 Fat2's. The Piantedosis look good and row ok. The Concept 2's don't look so good but man, they row GREAT and FAST. You can't get the Piantedosis unless you find some used ones. They are not easy to find but I did find mine used. Good luck with your build. You will love that boat.

RE: Oars for Wherry and drop-in unit

When I said the Concept2 oars don't look so good I mean they don't have that "classic wooden look" that looks good on the wherry. They look just fine if you don't mind the carbon fiber high tech look on your wooden boat. I want the most efficient blade most of the time so I'm not so concerned with the mix and match "look".

RE: Oars for Wherry and drop-in unit

I've ordered, but not yet received my Wherry kit and rig.  I was determined to build my own timber oars (Sitka spruce is the traditional timber used, I've been told), but sourcing the material here in Australia proved a little difficult and costly.  I was determined to have timber oars witht my timber boat, but I got a great deal on some carbon fibre ones - they arrived today and I cannot belive how light they are (and beautiful in their own right).  I can't comment on their sculling properties, but I just wanted to contribute my two cents' worth as I spent quite a lot of time trying to find oars, or at the very least, plans to build my own.

RE: Oars for Wherry and drop-in unit

Thanks guys.  I also really wanted real wood sculls, but may also wind up with the Dreher Super Comps.  Since boating season will be here in May, I don't know if I have time to build it now.  I plan to build the boat in our garage and then take it to our lake home.  I may just wait until October to start building.  That would give me a lot of time to do it correctly and then build another boat before spring.

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