tacky epoxy

On Wednesday I wet out the glass on the cockpit coaming. I'm noticing that parts of it are still are very slightly tacky. Maybe I didn't mix as well as I could have. Will it harden over time? Will a well mixed second coat help?


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RE: tacky epoxy

if after 3 days it doesn't harden, then it wont most likely.  I would try to remove what is gooey with white vinegar.  Vinegar wont hurt what is set but will clean up what isn't, just make sure you get it cleaned off real well or the residue of the vinegar will cause you further problems.

We are having a freak winter down here in FL, in which this month the temps are hanging around 58 and that is causing problems with our epoxy setting up.  But it still does after 3 days.  Keep in mind we dont insulate our garages or have heat in them down here.  It is only this cold 1 week a year normally.

RE: tacky epoxy

I agree with Kev, but would (and have) use denatured alcohol instead of vinegar. Rub off the uncured resin with steel wool (the industrial kind, not the kitchen kind, which has soap in it). It's surprising how thoroughly you have to mix epoxy to get an even cure, especially getting into the edges and corners of your mixing cup.

RE: tacky epoxy

My basement is a pretty steady 55- 57 degrees. I may just give it a bit more time

RE: tacky epoxy

...at least till I get home from work

RE: tacky epoxy

I would say before you go and start trying to remove the tacky epoxy try and bring the temperature  up on it to get a full cure. If you have the space in your house bring the boat in side for a night. If you can't try putting a work lamp or two over the tacky areas.  Also see CLC's Epoxy in Cold Weather shop tip.

RE: tacky epoxy

I had a work lamp suspended in the cockpit for the initial 6 hrs. I'll try again.

RE: tacky epoxy


By last night, Friday, the epoxy had hardened up just fine.

Thanks all for the comments and suggestions 

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