Wood duck cockpit

I have  wetted out the glass and applied a second coat of epoxy.  There are  only a few places where I still see the weave. What is the next step? More epoxy or sand?   The manual says to lightly sand after the second coat. What's light and what grit?    As I sand what am I looking for to know to stop?

I am new at this so am really feeling my way.  Everystep is a new adventure.

Thanks for all the help getting this far.  

Coach C


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RE: Wood duck cockpit

If you are doing the interior of your cockpit you don't need to sand it smoother or completely fill the weave- in my opinion. A little texture on the floor of the cockpit is fine. On the deck & hull a light sanding with 80 or 120 grit to smooth it a little and then another thin coat (or two) of epoxy to fill the weave. It is the epoxy drips that are a pain- I used a scraper to help flatten them out.  See the shop tips such as http://www.clcboats.com/shoptips/epoxy_and_fiberglass/fiberglass_weave_epoxy.html

For the final sanding stop when it has a uniform milky look (not clear). The highs & low spots will show up, belive me. You can finish with 220 grit or finer.

Expect to do a lot of sanding.

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