plywood coaming detail

I am going to use the plywood coaming supplied with the Shearwater hybrid kit. I'm a little unclear how to finish off under the outer lip. Should I put a small fillet there? Then a small strip of glass? 

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RE: plywood coaming detail

To clarify, what's the best way to seal and prettify this?


RE: plywood coaming detail

There are two options that I am weighing to clean up the look of the outside of the coaming on my 17LT.  

1. cut a 1/16" strip off the side of a 3/4" western red cedar board and epoxy the band to the outside of the coaming.

2. REI sells 3/4" nylon bands that are decorative, I was considering using this if the wood doesn't work effectively.

Let me know what you end up doing.


RE: plywood coaming detail

Hey Dan,

I have never done a plywood combing so I dont know in your case but with mine as you have seen, I glass both the inside and outside of the combing wall before installing, then I mix a fillet mixture using wood flour and cab-o-sil around the outside.  The fact that it is only 3/4 - 1" high you dont really see it anyway.  On the inside I glass it to the inside of the deck.  I weigh 250# and haven't broke one yet?


PS, yak is looking REAL good!!!

RE: plywood coaming detail

Thanks, Kev. Ya, I'm pretty happy with it.

The instructions call for glass across the top and down the inside. Not so clear about the outside lip. I may just fillet, because as you say, you really won't see it.

Next I have to cut the hatches. I have to steel myself for that...

measure once, cut twice, right?


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