'glassing the deck

I just finished glassing the deck and I think it turned out pretty good.


The only issue I noticed it that there are some bubbles rising from the staple holes. My temperature in the basement is mid 50s and steady, so I'm just going to keep an eye on it as it sets up.

Next time I'm going to use waaaay less staples, maybe some of those clip thingies that kayakkev uses 


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RE: 'glassing the deck

Dan,  I just looked at your Shearwater Picasa site.  I like the pattern you used for the decking strips, and I don't think that the staple holes will be a problem.  Even in the close-up shot, I don't think that they take anything away from the beauty of that deck.  It's all part of the character if you ask me.


RE: 'glassing the deck

Pretty much just 'borrowed' the pattern from the construction gallery. The epoxy is setting up just fine. Yeah, the staple holes are no biggie. Tomorrow I'll work on the coaming and the hatches

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