End pours for the West River

On page 11 of the assembly manual for the West River 18 is the following, referring to fiberglassing the inside of the hull: "Don't worry if you can't get (the fiberglass) all the way in (to the bow or stern); the "end pours" will provide the needed strength."  That's it.  There is no other reference to end pours anywhere in the manual.  No indication as to how, when, or even if end pours are needed in this boat.  I thought I might be missing a page, but they are all there, 1-31.  I know these pours are a big topic with other boats, but have seen no references to the West River.  Anybody got an answer for me?  Thanks.


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RE: End pours for the West River

The end pours in the WR are typical of any other boat. Just make a cardboard dam and use duct tape to hold it in place. They don't have to be too large, but they should cover enough area inside to drill through for grab handles if you're going to install them that way. I thought I had pictures but can't find them. I expect Laszlo will have some as he's meticulous about recording every facet of assembly on his boats. And others will weigh in as well. Some will say end pours aren't needed, that they just add weight. The few ounces are worth the peace of mind they give you knowing you're bow is strong enough to ram thru any fiberglass boat out there. Not that I'm suggesting anything....

George K 

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