flotation devices for Ch17

I have not seen any suggestions for different types of flotation devices on the blog except someone mentioned some time back about using foan. I was thinking of use 2 CG approved flowtation pillows (one for each end). These are very inexpensive ($10.00) and can hold upto a 200# person. Air bags can be expensive. Any suggestions, thoughts, etc. 

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RE: flotation devices for Ch17

The hatch covers - if well made and installed will keep your kayak afloat for a long time.

For extra security, why not get a couple of large dry bags. You could fill them with styrofaom for day trips and camping gear for, well, camping. 

Will you be paddling in extreme conditions? 


RE: flotation devices for Ch17

I am using flotation bags for my Mill Creek 16.5. I added some mounting tabs and cord to hold the bags tight to the deck so the bottom is clear for storing camping gear. The material is 18oz. vinyl coated polyester glued together with HH-66 cement. Easy to put in and take out to allow the moisture to dry out for storage.

You can buy a set of float bags from CLC for $49. That is a lot less than gathering all of the materials and the time involved in making them.


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