Chesapeake 17LT


I'm a french builder and i'm very happy to show you my work!

Sorry for the language!

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RE: Chesapeake 17LT

Bonjour, Arno!

No problem with the English, wait till you see our French! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your boat.

George K

RE: Chesapeake 17LT

Arno, let me boost your ego vis-a-vis your english:

Bonour, comment ce va?

Looking forward to the pics, that's a great boat to build.  See my post (almost 40 entries long now) of my progress from cutting out panels to fitting the coaming... it's called "Chesapeake 17LT (modified)... maybe you'll find some useful tips (or better, you won't make the mistakes I did!).

Good luck, and enjoy,


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