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ive built a couple s&g boats and im more than happy paddling my shearwater 17 but imgetting antsy for a new project and dont want tospend a ton of money so ive got it into my head to build a skin on frame boat who's made these? and where can i find plans for them? im looking to make a fast skinny lightweight boat. isent away for cunnighams book and im probably going to build the low volume greenland. has anyone paddled one of these?

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RE: skin on frame


There are a bunch of guys on Nick Schade's forum who have built SOF's. Try here: 

George K

RE: skin on frame

check out this site

RE: skin on frame

Here is another source on info for SOF.

RE: skin on frame

Yes, Tom Yost has many designs, for free, with full building instructions on his website. Here's the wooden framed builder's guide.

I heartily recommend his Sea Rider and Rolldarka designs. Also, note that any of Tom's aluminum framed folding designs can also be built as non-folding wooden framed boats.

Here's the Rolldarka, a low volume, rolling oriented Baidarka:rolldarka 

Another great source is, which is all about skinboats. Also, check out books by Mark Starr, Wolfgang Brinck, Robert Morris, Harvey Golden, George Dyson, and David Zimmerly.

Good luck!

Dave Gentry


RE: skin on frame

I launched my Egret last June, have three more on the way (introducing 3 nephews to the joys of boat building).  I really like this contruction method and skin choice.  Although she is a little wide (hence very stable), she is still quick. - my only comment is that she could use a little more knee bending room, otherwise a really nice boat!

I am headed in the oopposite direction, after my SOF, I am moving onto S&G :)

RE: skin on frame

This brings up an important question for the newbs here (like me) what are the tradeoffs in a SOF verses a wooden kayak.

 Obviously, the SOF has the potential to be lighter, but they can't have storage compartments (can they?)  are they durable? 

Personally, I think they're both beautiful, if in different fashions. There are some guys who paddle SOF's around here, and they're gorgeous, but I'm looking forward to bringing my wooden one out and showing it off. :) 


RE: skin on frame

I've been working on a Yost Sea Rider frame since December. I just started lashing the frame together this weekend. This is the first SOF for me so as usual, I'm only just puzzling things out as I go along. There are some notes about the gory details here:

sea rider related posts begin in December 2009. Frames are cut from 12 mm Okuome from CLC. Gunwales, keelson, chines and stringers are western red cedar. Lashing is waxed nylon artificial sinew.

When I was a kid, I used to build balsa and paper airplanes. This is remarkably similar, just on a larger scale....


Ogata, eric

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