deck cutting tip.

 When trimming the deck of my ches 17, I removed the base on my jig saw so I was left with just the saw blade. This way I could work my way around the kayaks changing contours simply by altering the angle of the blade free hand. Its quick and really accurate, leaving only a little wood left for the block plain to take. 

Be careful though. This is not the correct use of the tool, so what those fingers...

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RE: deck cutting tip.

You can do this much more safely by simply loosening the angle adjustment on the saw plate.

RE: deck cutting tip.

Oh yeah. Thats true. 

RE: deck cutting tip.

Just not with my particular jig saw though. 


RE: deck cutting tip.

I should have mentioned that. I have an expensive Porter-Cable jig saw with a fixed shoe, but prefer my cheap Sears model with a floppy shoe that never stays tight no matter what I do to it. -Wes

RE: deck cutting tip.

The muscle-powered bonsai saw will also let you do the same thing.



RE: deck cutting tip.


I just flipped the kayak over and used the japanese pull saw as lazzlo said, cut easy to about 1mm away from hull. 

Trev in OZ

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