Gluing deck to hull

I dry fitted the deck to hull and strapped it down. Due to various factors..inexperience, bowing, inexperience...the deck does not sit well on the aft bulkhead. The forward one is fine. Here is a picture

Should I try and force it flush or should I glue as is and use some fiberglass tape to fill the gap?

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RE: Gluing deck to hull

What you have is normal. Just turn the hull over and fillet the seam with very thick epoxy mix. No tape needed. -Wes

RE: Gluing deck to hull

I was hoping you would say that. Thanks Wes

I was rereading your Merganzer blog. One of the issues I was having was that the staples didn't hold well to the particle board forms. And I'm not sure how well they would have held up to Eric's clamps. Screwing seemed to split the forms too easily. There's another company that sells kits with forms that have a clamping groove. I like that idea. I'm not sure I'm ready to cut my own forms quite yet, but I am planning another boat pdq and hopefully I will be able to fit the strips to the forms tighter that I did on this boat

RE: Gluing deck to hull

I used forms that I cut from 9mm okuome plywood that I had on hand and two that I cut from 1/2" fir plywood. The staples held pretty well in the okuome but not in the fir. I've never used particle board forms. I bought plywood forms for my next boat from Peter Schultz of Classic Boat Kits in Ontario. Michael Vermouth at Newfound Woodworks in New Hampshire sells forms with clamping grooves. I think he will make forms for just about any design you want.

RE: Gluing deck to hull

Ok. It's on there for good 

RE: Gluing deck to hull

Good work Dan. It's starting to look like a real boat!

RE: Gluing deck to hull

and with any luck it'll float. ;-)

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